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Thursday, July 1, 2010


1. First a thick satin stitch will complete.

2. Next a triple running stitch will complete to hold the satin stitich in place while you make the "fringe"

3. Now take your hoop off your machine CAREFULLY. DO NOT take the material off the hoop. Turn the hoop over and carefully run your seam ripper through the white bobbin thread. Be very careful not to cut your material underneath. Try to only cut the white bobbin thread and not any of your colored thread.
4. Turn your hoop back over and run the pointed side of your seam ripper over the satin stitch to pull it through to the front. Try not to cut any of the thread.
5. Here is what the fringe will look like when you finishe.
6. Next a 2nd triple running tack down stitch will complete, followed by a blanket tack down stitch.
7. Then your placement stitch for your applique material will complete. You may now do as your normally would to applique. Try to be careful when you are cutting your fabric so that you don't cut any of your "fringe" .

8. And, here's the finished product! You can find this font at Kabo Designs.


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